Our Story


Our Story

VML VMicrolocs Total Hair Care System

About Us

the story so far

VMicrolocs is committed to providing that more beautiful look that you have always dreamt about. While there are limits to what can be done depending on type of hair, we do guarantee that we will bring out the best in the clientele’s hair.

Using the VMicrolocs total hair care system, we have helped transform countless clients with damaged hair from harsh chemicals, biological problems, cancer survivors, or abuse of their hair over the years. VML is also great for clients with severe hair loss, itchiness, scaling of the scalp, hair breakage and many more symptoms that have left their hair dull and weak. If this sounds like your story, or if you would like to understand how to better treat your clientele, contact us today if you would like to become a consultant or a client!

Our History

VML was started in 2020 by Valencia Reels, a hair care, Trichologist expert, Master Cosmetologist and Owner of Nat-U-Reels Hair Salon specializing in natural hair care and style with more than 25 years of experience.

An expert in hair care and vibrant health, Valencia started her own line of natural hair care products and innovated a newest form of locking style called VMicrolocs! This new style has emerged from decades of experience of working with the various hair types and infusing the trichology expertise to find a way to maximize the fullness of a customer’s hair type to provide the healthiest and fullest locks. The locking pattern forms a unique and extremely stylish pattern in the shape of a V for Victory!

This proprietary style of locking will leave your hair healthier, less stressed, with increased vibrancy and vitality. Clients are flocking in from all over Georgia to convert and to startup under this new line of victorious locs. What makes us difference from our competitors is that VMicrolocs is not just a locking style but an entire hair care system. We begin by treating the hair and scalp to ensure your hair is at the healthiest quality and then we lock the hair in a way which maintains the vitality of each strand of hair.

See our Certification page for more information on this innovative and revolutionary style and how you can become an certified consultant today!